My Dream

It seemed too good to be true,
You know, like this could never happen someone like me;
So,once again I let the doubts creep in
Like the ‘what ifs’ and those others
That make me weak in the knees
That make me cry myself to sleep at nights
And tell myself that I was just meant to dream.
But ‘what if’, just this once,
This dream could be my dream come true?


Kiss Me Sister

kiss me sister
let your warm and gentle breath caress my cheek
let your strong arms embrace
my weakened heart
let me know that you are mine.
kiss me sister with lips
not of silver
nor of gold
but with softest touch
with the kiss of true love.
©2018 marjoann


Season of cheer

Now you are here

Linger a moment longer

Maybe stay forever

With your bright lights and bright dreams

The hope of miracles imagined or real

Peace on earth, goodwill and cheer

And hope to last throughout the year.

Linger joyful songs a’singing

Linger merry bells a’ringing

Linger lovely days a’bringing

My loved ones near to me.


+++Eeeevvvilll+++ Mmmm

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

I believe evil exists. It is a force that opposes good. Life is built on balance and evil balances good.

Would we recognize good if there was no evil? Although evil is negative and scary, the thought of it pushes many of us to do good. For those who have been victims of evil acts we know that rising above makes us stronger and wiser.

Are people evil? Mmm. I actually think there are evil forces which drive or entice persons to carry out evil acts. These forces first manifest as thoughts and desires. It is up to us to decide how to respond to evil. Should we give in to evil desires and when evil is commited against us should we repay with more eeevvviiilll???###!!!

Sooo Awesome!

Did you see the lunar eclipse on Sunday? I watched the whole journey. It was awesome!!! Phenomena like these make me pause to consider how tiny I am in the whole scheme of things. I was really humbled by the experience.